(Left to right: Oprime39, Superbad Solace)

(Left to right: Oprime39, Superbad Solace)

Timeless Truth is the undeniable proof that Hip-Hop is in fact a culture. From the mountains of Africa to ancient Egypt to the ziggaurauts in South America we see all great cultures leave language as monuments to describe the greatness of their culture. Timeless Truth is the sonic cultural document of Hip-Hop. Beats and rhymes. The drum and the voice are timeless instruments used before clocks and calendars. Timeless Truth is that essence in the form of two highly skilled rappers.

Timeless Truth is two brothers from the New York city borough of Queens. When you examine the geographical pinpoints of the development of Hip-Hop you come to understand how Queens is a critical incubator for the culture. The music, the art and the style of striving, struggling working class folks, along with a multi-ethnic population of Queens are the factors in creating a group such as Timeless Truth. Their perspectives are grounded in the reality of the hard work required to make a living in the world's greatest city.

There are rules to the rhyme cipher in Hip-Hop. Originality. Vocabulary. History. Delivery. These are the elements of rap which Timeless Truth has studied and practiced exhaustively. Timeless Truth's music isn't to be discarded like trends and gimmick music but to be examined and repeated as a salute to the culture from which it is borne. Hip-Hop is the everlasting sound of infinity, drums, voices, beats and rhymes combined with the unlimited potential of the barrio spirit.  

Timeless Truth is Hip-Hop.

Words by Dallas Penn